The Quiz LIVE is a monthly live-streamed Minecraft Java Edition show created by TheHappywheels1 since 2018 and produced by WraithStation. Get ready to test your Minecraft knowledge from well-known facts, to snapshot changes, and block-matching to tense finale rounds, which of our three contestants will emerge victorious and win the show. Will it be you? 🏆

Meet #TeamTQL


Role(s): Creator of The Quiz LIVEAbout: TheHappywheels1 (also known as Happy) is the brains of The Quiz LIVE. Happy is responsible for designing and creating rounds, writing questions, and hosting live shows. Happy also edits all the videos you see during live shows.


Role(s): WraithStation DirectorAbout: Wraithzeon (or just Wraith) is the Director of WraithStation, a network of Minecraft gameshows, including ours! Wraith has also provided us with the tools to create our website! Since Season 3, Wraith is our contestant outreach.


Role(s): Highlights EditorAbout: In 2023, we launched our YouTube Channel where we post highlights from episodes of The Quiz LIVE. XenoCloid is the one behind the scouting and editing of these highlight clips. Go check them out!


Role(s): External CoderAbout: SimonDMC has helped us code resources for our website and live shows, including a generator for Contestant Signs and a tool that auto-generates the on-screen question graphics for 20 Question Trivia. Commit a follow to them!

Next Show: 20th April 2024
Start Time: 17:00pm BST.
Closing Date 13th April 2024If you have not already, join our Discord Server. This is a requirement for taking part in The Quiz LIVE.Whilst we prefer content creators and encourage recording/streaming your POVs, we invite everyone to take part.To be eligible, you must be aged 16+ and have a paid copy of Minecraft Java Edition (we don't support Bedrock Edition).By applying, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

For Season 3

20 Question Trivia

Location: Studio 1About: 20 Question Trivia is the first played round of every episode of The Quiz LIVE. In this round, contestants are asked 20 general knowledge Minecraft questions. In order to gain a point, they must be the first to buzz in, and then give the correct answer within 5 seconds. Don't hesitate!

Block Shop

Location: Studio 2About: In this round, contestants will be shown four unique patterns. Only one is correct. They can work alone or as a team to find the correct pattern. Whoever replicates the correct pattern on their board first gets 3 points, Second place gets 2 points, and third place gets 1 point.

Questions & Ladders

Location: Studio 3About: In this turn-based round, all players start on the Green block. Player-by-player, the dice will roll. Some squares will double this movement, whilst others canl send them back to the start! If a contestant lands on a Question Square, they must correctly answer a trivia question on their next turn to progress.

Mystery Game

Location: Studio 5About: What's behind the Studio 5 doors? We don't know, it's a mystery! A brand-new game will be created every few shows, only to be played once. See all previous Mystery Games.


Location: Studio 7About: New for Season 3, this finale round sees the remaining contestants answer viewer-submitted questions whilst standing above an endless pit. Every correct answer moves TNT one block closer to their opponent. Wrong answers move their own TNT. The last player standing at the end wins the round and also the show.

Trivia Towers

Location: Studio 8About: First seen in Season 2, this finale round sees the remaining contestants answer viewer-submitted questions. Every correct answer lets them mine one block down. The first player to the bottom wins the round and also the show.

More rounds in development...

Previously played games!

Question Cubes

Played on: Season 3 Episode 5About: Question Cubes, as featured in Season 1, is a strategic trivia round. Contestants receive four questions, each can be played or passed. If they play a question and answer correctly, they earn a point. If a passed question is answered correctly by another player, that player claims the point. However, if the passed question is answered incorrectly, the one who passed it gets the point. Who will end this round with the most points?

Challenge Factory

Played on: Season 3 Episode 2About: Challenge Factory, originally a Season 1 bonus round, tests the contestants on their crafting knowledge. A renamed piece of paper is given to each contestant with the block they need to craft. Once crafted, they need to place the block to claim the point. First place gets three points, second place gets two points, and third place gets one point. Who is the quickest crafter?

More Mystery Games to come...

Well done to everyone who won an episode!

Season Three Winners

Season Two Winners

Season One Winners

By submitting questions for the final round, you agree to us reading your name live on the show.You also agree that we have the final decision on reading your question and that, although all questions are seen by us, we may skip some for a variety of reasons.Avoid submitting duplicate questions. This includes ones already asked in previous rounds. When submitting, do not target specific players. Questions should be fair. Keep to general knowledge from Minecraft Java Edition only.

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So, who's winning?

Contestant Gameplay Views

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I publish my recorded video?
Since The Quiz LIVE is a streamed show, you can publish your video whenever you're ready to do so.
Do I need to edit my video in a specific way?
No. You may edit your video however you like, but don't make any edits that could give false information to viewers such as you getting a question right when you actually got it wrong, etc...
Do I need to link anywhere in my video description?
Yes. We kindly ask that you link to our website and our stream page for your show.
What if I need assets for my content?
If you are due on a show and need assets for your content, message @TheHappywheels1 on Discord.
When can I make my live stream page public?
If you're streaming your POV, please wait for us to announce you as a contestant on our Twitter Page. Once we've announced you as a contestant, feel free to publish your stream page.
When can I announce myself as a contestant?
Please keep your place on the show a secret until we have announced you on our Twitter page
Will you promote my contestant POV?
We sometimes promote contestant POV videos or stream VODs on our Twitter page. You can also submit your video to us to be added to this page. Simply scroll up and press the 'submit' button.

Thanks to everyone who has been on an episode of The Quiz LIVE.
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